Deepthroat Experience In Virtual Reality Android Smartphone

Being on the receiving end of deepthroat is an amazing sensation.  What would it be like to watch and hear your favorite porn star gagging as they deepthroat your dick.  Technology now enables people to enter a virtual world and experience deepthroat.

Here I’ll go over turning your android smartphone into a VR device.  You need to have a viewer (I listed a range of qualities and prices below) and an android smartphone.  An xbox bluetooth controller or similar is helpful if your viewer didn’t provide a controller.

Compatible Viewer & Phone

First thing you need to be able to view virtual reality porn videos.  To do so, you must find a viewer that is compatible with you VR capable smartphone (most android devices are capable).  

There are many virtual reality viewers on the market.  Here I’m focusing on the viewers that use a smart phone.  The technology is still new so using your phone greatly reduces the price.

Google has cardboard and daydream viewers available.  Samsung has their Gear VR for Samsung Galaxy Model phones. There are many companies who now offer viewers.  So there is a large range suitable for your specific needs.

Buying A Viewer

When selecting a viewer to purchase. Double check to make sure the specifications will work with your phone model, before purchasing.

I would focus on durability, comfort, and weather a controller is included. If you have a xbox bluetooth controller, that will work.  If you don’t want one that works also, as the apps I will go over have handsfree mode.

I myself bought one I found when I was shopping at Fry’s.  It was about $7.  Works good, but a little uncomfortable.  The adjustible parts tend to slide if I move too much.Solved by some mcgivering.

I’ve listed a range of smart phone VR viewers based on price, user review, and accessories offereed order by price.  All available on Amazon. If you would like to buy direct from Google, check out their VR Cardboard viewer selection.  Also note some have controllers included (blue), while others don’t.  I recommend the $20-$40.  It offers duabitllity and comfort whiles staying reasonably prices.

VR Viewers for Smartphone

Shorter Periods of Use, Less Comfort, Durability, and Cost.

Cardboard Viewers

Lower Quality Plastic Viewers

Cardboard Viewers

High End VR Adapters

Download Virtual Reality Porn Android Apps

For android – if you haven’t yet, you’ll need to download Google’s Cardboard app from the play store.

Sex Like Real created the SLR app. My favorite app for VR porn. It’s easy to navigate, a simple, and multiple features for watching content on your viewer.

SLR app offers a handful of free videos to watch.  Check out the two “anniversary” videos if they are still available. Both are compilations filled with a wide range of scenes with many different porn actresses. It a good way to check a lot of positions and scenarios for those new to the VR scene.

Apart from the free videos, they offer you also have access to a cam room page.  Cam girls in virtual reality! It is pretty cool seeing the internet, VR, and camming collide. Bring some tips and you can make many fantasies happen in real-time vr streaming with a camgirl. 

If you have content on your device, you can browse and play local content. 

A feature of this app that I have come to like is the free previes available. All Sex Like Real’s VR porn videos that you may purchase offer free previews to show you how it looks and get a feel for the shoot.

They are sometimes available in over 4k for preview and 60fps.  Also this company has proven to be skillful in shooting VR porn content! You can even get a sample of all the purchasable videos. An awesome plus – you can sit back and watch it on auto one preview after another and have a lot of unique experiences quickly. Available in UHQ 4K at 60 fps makes the VR experience that much more realistic. 

A VR based web browser helpful if you plan to stream VR porn.

Full dive has social Youtube and other apps and built in movie and picture viewer.

Go on virtual tours of everything from Paris to the international space station.  While this app is the only on the list that isn’t tied to the porn industry. It does have a very useful tool for calibrating your lenses and phone.  The viewer setup is extremely useful for people who buy from the lower price spectrum. Manufacturer specs doesn’t match many glasses with their true measurements.

To get the best experience, you want the follow the viewer setup and make the measurements.  It can make a world of difference. So fine tune phone turned VR device the right way with Sites in VR.

Adult based android porn app. Play’a VR starts you in a players loungue with options all right in front of you. Browse local files of play some of the free content. A

Adult based android porn app. Play’a VR starts you in a players loungue with options all right in front of you. Browse local files of play some of the free content. The only draw back I found was when starting videoson your device, the app doesn’t auto detect playback.

Pornhub offers and app download from its site for a range of devices.  In the app it has a VR feature, but it switches out of the VR view when you navigate through the pages which I find annoying.

Besides the horrific in between video navigations controls with an xbox controller, when watching video in cardboard VR the video would constantly recenter itself.  I don’t know if it was my specific device, an error in the code, or a setting I missed.  Either way it was enough of a turn off that I have gone a different direction.  

I still use pornhub for VR content.  I find a couple of lengthier videos in HD that spark interest, then download them to my device. Enabling a high-quality playback, and saves on processing, which matters as the VR processing alone is a lot on your device.

Deepthroat VR Video

Tips for Enjoyment