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Athena May entered the adult porn industry in 2018, at the age of 18. She comes out of Portland, Oregon. Physically standing at 5’6” and weighing 110 lbs.

Fresh into the adult industry, a petite build, and still in braces at the time of filming, creates an innocent vibe. Full of effort and energy, as well as a willingness to explore, are evident without question.  

Cute Porn Star from Portland - Athena May

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The video is gold A submissive new teen full of energy, cute face and petie body. With a willingness to be pushed to her limit. The gagging sounds, the tears rolling down her messy face, spit covered tits and a consistent climb of intensity through the shoot. 

A minute long compilation of Athena’s tireless gagging deepthroat posted to reddit and is a solid representation of what is available in the full length content.

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